A cute fire cerberus. The middle head looking menacing, the left head is looking for their next meal, as the right head is waiting to play catch.


Let's climb this mountain of dreams together.

This shows the dreams that have been made reality. The path where you can find my dream pieces, and the way to support me.All support goes towards hiring artists/editors/writers/VO talent.There is so much talent, and I wish to give them a spotlight to shine. With your help, more and more talent can get a spotlight. Help me in my endeavour, every little bit counts.

M.A.C, Monster Adoption Center, Cover Page, A medusa bringing in two mimics while the room is filled with monsters.
TTRPG Shop's Bundle
Eldritch Blast is History Volume 1
Elminster's Excellent Establishments. D&D product on Dmsguild. You see a handful of adventurers in a tavern
Order of the black pudding, Monk Subclass
VO Scene